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Interested in getting a new vehicle wrap? A common question we get (which we plan to answer here) is about how the design will look and lay on the vehicle. In short, when dealing with a professional, you will barely notice any gaps in the design created by vehicle elements like door breaks or other spaces between body panels.

That said, there are certain parts of a vehicle which can create larger gaps in the vehicle wrap. Here we will go over some of the trouble areas and what you should expect to be an acceptable gap size. 

Will There be Gaps in a Vehicle Wrap Based on How it Lays on the Vehicle

Why are there gaps in my vehicle wrap?

Vehicle wraps do not cover every single part of your vehicle’s exterior. It is an adhesive-backed vinyl material which is applied to the exterior, which means some vehicle elements may cause a gap in the design. This is to be expected. That said, the size and number of gaps in the vehicle wrap itself will be as minimal as possible. With most wrap companies, there is an acceptable level for this type of thing.

Where Would Gaps Occur in my Vehicle Wrap?

Gaps in the wrap itself will most commonly occur on areas of the vehicle where physical gaps already exist. That said, if you see a large gap on a flat surface of your vehicle’s body, that is something to be concerned about. Some of the most common areas where there may be a gap in the wrap design include but are not limited to:

  • Inlays on the vehicle
  • Door handles
  • Door breaks
  • Windows
  • Badges

If you see a gap in any of these areas, that is to be expected. The next question would be what is an acceptable size of a gap?

Should I See Gaps in my advertising Vehicle Wrap

The Acceptable Size of a Gap for a Vehicle Wrap

When it comes to gaps in a wrap, there is an acceptable threshold with regards to size. Obviously, if there is a massive gap—that’s not OK—regardless of where this gap falls. So, what is an acceptable gap size? It really depends on the size of the physical gap or the element involved creating the gap. For example, the gap between doors. The gap here will basically be as big as that door gap.

Our rule of thumb is: when standing 6 feet away, if the gaps do not affect the design, then the gap is acceptable. Rarely would a gap be left if it affects the design, unless it is caused be a physical element of the vehicle. In these instances, the customer would be made aware before the wrap was applied and/or the vehicle left the shop.

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