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We are a small business making big moves. We strive to provide the best service possible to our clients.

The Wrap Shop & Co works hard to earn and maintain our reputation as the top Memphis vinyl wrap company. Whether we’re installing Vehicle Graphics on a fleet of company vehicles, doing a color change car wrap on a Jeep Wrangler, or doing a chrome delete on a Maserati, we put heart and soul into each and every Vehicle vinyl wrap. 

Quality of work is paramount when it comes to Vehicle vinyl wrap. That’s why The Wrap Shop & Co uses only the finest high-grade vinyl car wrap products from manufacturers such as The 3M Company, Avery Dennison, and KPMF. Our Vehicle vinyl wrap technicians are highly skilled, and we take our time with each vehicle wrap project to make sure every aspect turns out perfect.

If you need a custom car Decal, we can design, print, and install Vehicle vinyl wrap decals of any size, dimension, and design. We can also outfit your vehicle with state-of-the art perforated window film that has graphics for one-way visibility.

Whether you need a camo car wrap, chrome car wrap, custom lettering, fleet graphics, or anything else related to wrapping vehicles, give The Wrap Shop & Co a call at (901) 352 6389 today, and we’ll take good care of you! We’re The Wrap Shop & Co of Memphis, Tennessee, and we’re excited to work with you!

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Fun Fact:

Vehicle graphics advertising is considered a low-cost medium in relation to other methods.

According to research from OAAA, industry insiders believe that the average cost per impression is about 15 cents for a vehicle wrap.

Trained by the best!

“Quality is not act. It is a habit.” ~Aristotle

We have been trained by the best in the industry. We strive to give you the best experience to help grow your brand to personalizing your vehicle(s).

We work with products such as 3m, Avery, Arlon and many more! Do not settle for less, settle for quality!

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Wrap FAQ

Here you can find some common questions about vehicle wraps. Please do let us know if you have any additional questions!

We do not carry inventory. However, we can order the materials at the best price possible.

While costs range from a few hundred dollars for accents to a few thousand dollars for a full vehicle wrap, the final tally depends on your specific needs. This includes the size of the vehicle, how much of the vehicle is being wrapped, the film you select, the complexity of the processing, and installation.

While a basic decal  kit package can start as low as $500, a fully wrapped vehicle with a custom design and graohics can cost nearly $10,000. That being said, the industry average for a full vehicle wrap is between $3,500 – $7,500. 

Not at all. The car wrap will even protect your OEM paint. However, if the paintwork is not in good condition to begin with—for instance, if paint is chipping off, clear coat issues or scratches—then the wrap may pull off the chipping paint when it is removed.

The cost of designing and installing a vehicle wrap is less than a paint job covering the same area. As for the effect, vehicle wraps wear as well as paint with proper maintenance.

You should expect your car wrap to last roughly five to seven years, depending on the finish and proper maintenance. You can also extend a life of a wrap by ceramic coating it.

Car wrap film is thin and flexible, which allows it to conform to the contours of your vehicle. So while it can be applied over imperfections, like paint chips, be aware that it will conform to them – not cover them. Before spending the time and money to wrap a damaged or rusted vehicle, I recommend repairing it first.

Daily impressions for vehicle wraps and graphics in the Memphis market is in the THOUSANDS everyday and growing! You’re leaving money on the table if you are not branding your vehicles. That’s  a fact!

So don’t waste any more time and give us a call!

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