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The Wrap Shop & Co is a Memphis Sign shop specializing in Vehicle vinyl wrap and Vehicle Graphics work. Whether you need a color change car wrap for your personal car, or a company decal or fleet graphics for your commercial vehicles, The Wrap Shop & Co is the top Memphis Vehicle vinyl wrap company. With an uncompromising focus on quality, we use only the finest car wrap materials from top-tier vinyl manufacturers such as The 3M Company & Avery Dennison. We refuse to cut corners on our vehicle wrap installations: each Vehicle Graphics or Vehicle vinyl wrap project is carefully laid out and installed with painstaking prep and due time spent on every stage of the vinyl wrap installation. Call The Wrap Shop & Co for all Memphis car wrap needs!
Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co

The Wrap Shop & Co. We're the #1 Memphis car wrap shop for a reason.

Anything to do with Vehicle Graphics or vehicle restyling, we do it. No other Memphis wrap company puts more care into their Vehicle vinyl wrap work than The Wrap Shop & Co. Come give us a try and you'll see why our customers wouldn't think of using another Memphis vinyl wrap shop. Check out our various services below and give us a call at (901) 352 6389. Don't see the service you're looking for? It's hard to list them all, but there's a 99% chance we do it, too!
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Memphis Vehicle vinyl wrap

Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co
Vehicle vinyl wrap, or car wrapping, is a painstaking process that requires a high degree of technical skill to do well. If done by qualified professionals, a good car wrap hugs your car like a skin, tightly bonded to your vehicle Paint. Vehicle vinyl wrap is done with Heat transfer vinyl from such manufacturers as The 3M Company or Avery Dennison, and lasts for years with proper care. A vehicle wrap protects the paint finish it while it's on, and comes off cleanly, leaving your paint as good as the day you put the car wrap over it. The Wrap Shop & Co of Memphis, TN is the best Vehicle vinyl wrap installer in the Memphis metro and can assist with any type of color change car wrap or Vehicle vinyl wrap. Whether you want murder red, Nardo grey, gloss white, snow camo, or ice blue car wrap (or hundreds of other of designer colors), we can pull off a spectacular car wrap that will make your car, Pickup truck, SUV, or van stand out on the streets, parking lots, and freeways of Memphis, TN!

Memphis boat wrap

Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co
Here at The Wrap Shop & Co, we're most famous for our car wraps, but we're equally proficient at wrapping boats. If you need a boat wrap of any sort, hit us up! Whether you're looking for a custom boat decal such as a name Decal, you need some custom vinyl boat Lettering, or you want a full boat wrap, we do everything related to Heat transfer vinyl on boats and Personal watercraft. From a fiery Decal on a Jet ski to a new registration Decal on a fishing Boat to massive Block letters on a Yacht to a printed graphic boat wrap on your Catamaran, you won't go wrong by using The Wrap Shop & Co! We carefully prep every inch of your Boat surface where the wrap or Lettering will be installed, and we apply the Decal, Lettering, or Wrap to last for years! If you're anywhere in or near Memphis, Tennessee, and have a Boat or Personal watercraft that you need vinyl work done on, give The Wrap Shop & Co a call at (901) 352 6389 today for a free Boat wrap consultation!

Memphis custom car Decal

Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co
Custom car decals can be any size, shape, pattern, or dimension! A custom car Decal from The Wrap Shop & Co is the perfect way to make your car, Pickup truck, SUV, or Van stand out and look unique. A vinyl Decal can be used for company graphics and Branding, or for making a personal or artistic statement. As Vehicle Graphics for Advertising, a custom Decal can turn your commercial vehicle into a mobile Billboard that works for you around the clock to get your phone ringing. For your personal Vehicle, a Decal could cover your entire car, part of your Hood, a couple of doors, your Roof, or any other size and placement you desire. You could go with a sports theme, outdoorsy motif, some custom lettering in a favorite font, or a giant wolf howling at the moon. Seriously, if you can imagine it, The Wrap Shop & Co can design, print, and install a custom car Decal that brings it to reality. To begin your custom vinyl Decal, call (901) 352 6389 and let's talk decals!

Memphis vinyl Lettering

Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co
Vinyl lettering can be a simple, cost-effective way to communicate your brand, product, service, or any other message! So much can be achieved with the right placement, Lettering size, font, and other typographic elements, that you often don't need fancy graphics (though we're happy to do those as well if you want them!). From some custom Lettering on the rear window of a Pickup truck to massive Block letters on a Box truck or tractor trailer, our custom vinyl Lettering knows no bounds. We can just as easily do Lettering on an entire fleet of plumbing vans, a school bus, or a luxury vehicle; we can do cursive fonts, blocky or slab fonts, serif or sans serif fonts, and our Lettering can be in any color you like. If you're ready to communicate your message loud and clear, it may be time to give The Wrap Shop & Co a call at (901) 352 6389 to discuss what type of custom vinyl Lettering is right for your goals and your personal or business vehicle!

Carbon fiber car wrap

Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer, abbreviated CFRP and usually just called carbon fiber, is famous for its trademark weave and sporty look. It's strong, lightweight, and pricey, which is why you see it used in supercars, aerospace and military applications, and other situations where weight is more of a factor than cost. However, with carbon fiber wrap, you can have the carbon look at a fraction of the cost! The Wrap Shop & Co can wrap all or part of your vehicle with carbon fiber car wrap to give you that CFRP aesthetic without the CFRP price tag. Our carbon fiber vinyl wrap is top-quality and made by the most respected Vehicle vinyl wrap manufacturers in the industry. We're talking names such as The 3M Company and Avery Dennison. Whether you want carbon fiber mirrors, a carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber roof, or carbon fiber wrap over your entire vehicle, call The Wrap Shop & Co for a carbon fiber car wrap quote today! You'll love the transformation!

Avery Dennison car wrap

Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co
Avery Dennison is an old and well-respected brand with a history of excellence and innovation in materials science. Today, they're also at the cutting edge of Vehicle vinyl wrap technology, producing some of the best vehicle wrap products on the market. The Wrap Shop & Co is proud to offer Avery Dennison car wrap products to our Memphis, Tennessee customers. From Vehicle Graphics printed on Avery Dennison material, to Vehicle vinyl wrap color changes with Avery Dennison's amazing designer colors, we love each and every Avery car wrap we do. If you've heard of Avery Dennison (all good things of course) and are in the Memphis, TN area, give The Wrap Shop & Co a call to get your Avery Dennison vinyl wrap scheduled. We're the top Memphis car wrap installer of Avery Dennison vinyl products, and we can install Avery Dennison wrap on your car, Pickup truck, Sports Utility Vehicle, van, boat, bus, Food truck, or other vehicle, too!

Memphis bus wrap

Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co
Put some really nice Vehicle Graphics on a Bus and it makes a terrific mobile Billboard! If you want your company or organization to get noticed on the freeways, streets, parking lots, and thoroughfares of Memphis, TN, then there's no better way than to have your product, service, brand, and message plastered across a Memphis bus! Whether you own your own Bus or are renting advertising space on a municipal Memphis city bus, The Wrap Shop & Co is the top Memphis bus wrap company for bus wraps, bus decals, bus Lettering, printed perf Window film on bus windows, and any type of bus graphics! We wrap buses of all sizes, from transport buses to school buses to tour buses and double-decker buses. Whatever the size or style of bus, and whatever your bus wrap vision, let The Wrap Shop & Co help you create the most amazing Bus wrap or Bus graphics anywhere in Memphis, TN! Call (901) 352 6389 for a free Bus wrap or bus graphics consultation!

Pickup truck wrap

Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co
A Pickup truck is super handy for work…or for pretty much anything! Trucks are fun to customize, too, and one way to trick out a Pickup truck is with a custom vinyl truck wrap from The Wrap Shop & Co. Whether you want a camo truck wrap, gunmetal gray wrap, matte black, olive green, or any one of hundreds of other designer wrap colors, The Wrap Shop & Co can give you the baddest looking Pickup truck in Memphis! Regardless of whether you drive a Tundra, Ram, Renegade, F350, or Silvarado, we can black out the grille, smoke out the lights, accent the hood, wrap the roof, tint the emblem, and do dozens of other cool restyling tricks with vinyl to give you one unique Pickup truck! If you drive a Pickup truck for work and would like a custom Logo decal, vinyl Lettering, or some branded Vehicle Graphics, we can do that as well. Whatever your reasons for wanting a custom truck wrap, The Wrap Shop & Co is the top Memphis wrap shop to bring your Pickup truck dreams to reality!

3M Vehicle vinyl wrap

Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co
The 3M Company is the flagship Vehicle vinyl wrap manufacturer for good reason: they've been around for a century or so and have always been on the forefront of materials science and the development of adhesive technologies among other things. In the Vehicle vinyl wrap industry, they continue to lead the way, with their various car wrap and Vehicle Graphics products highly-regarded by industry professionals. Here in Memphis, TN, The Wrap Shop & Co is a leading 3M installer. We design, print, and install 3M Window film graphics, printed 3M Decal graphics, and color change car wrap installations using 3M designer vinyl wrap colors. Whether you need a chrome delete, full Vehicle vinyl wrap, or some custom car wrap graphics, you can't go wrong with Vehicle vinyl wrap products by The 3M Company..and you can't go wrong using The Wrap Shop as your Memphis 3M vinyl wrap connection! Call (901) 352 6389 for a free quote and to schedule your 3M car wrap installation!

Chrome car wrap

Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co
There's nothing quite as attention-grabbing as a chrome car wrap. It's flashy, it's bold, and it's shiny. Granted, a chrome vinyl wrap isn't cheap, as chrome wrap is one of the most expensive Vehicle vinyl wrap products on the market. But, if flash and glamour is what you're going for, a chrome vehicle wrap will do the trick. What many people may not know, however, is that there are so many colors of chrome vinyl car wrap available. Of course, there's the classic chrome color we all know and love, but you've also got blue chrome, gold chrome, and even black chrome, to name but a few of the many chrome wrap color options! Here at The Wrap Shop & Co, we can source all chrome car wrap colors from all major Vehicle vinyl wrap manufacturers. If you're considering wrapping your vehicle in chrome car wrap, let the professionals at The Wrap Shop & Co handle it for you. Chrome is touchy, but we've got the experience and skill to make it turn out stellar!

Nardo grey car wrap

Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co
According to, "The majority of iconic automotive paint shades tend to err on the side of loud and ‘shouty,’ but there are exceptions to this. Audi’s Nardo Grey is an example of a colour that stands out by dint of being utterly menacing; it wouldn’t look at all out of place on a WW2 frigate yet somehow still manages to look perfect when applied to the almost as powerful RS6. It might not be eye-catching the in the same manner as most of the entries on this list, but park a Nardo Grey Audi next to a line of supercars and watch which car’s paintwork draws most comments." Yes, Nardo Grey is one of the most popular paint colors of all time, so it stands to reason that it's one of the most popular car wrap colors as well. If you're in Memphis and are looking for a Nardo Grey vinyl wrap, The Wrap Shop can hook you up. We like the Avery Dennison Nardo Grey car wrap, so hit us up to get your Nardo Grey vehicle wrap going!

Memphis chrome delete

Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co
"Deleting" your vehicle's chrome is a classy touch that lends a monochrome, sleek aesthetic. Often, people will wonder why your car looks so different with a chrome delete; they're so used to seeing chrome trim that when they don't see it they won't recognize what's different…just that it is, in fact, different. The Wrap Shop & Co is the leading Memphis chrome delete provider. We can use your choice of matte black vinyl wrap, gloss black vinyl, or any other color (those two are the most commonly used in chrome delete applications) to cover up, or delete, your shiny vehicle trim. A chrome delete is a painstaking process requiring patience and skill to turn out flawless. Here at The Wrap Shop, we respect the chrome delete for the delicate restyling procedure it is and give each chrome delete project its due. We refuse to rush your chrome delete and want to ensure its magic will remain with you for years to come. Call for a free chrome delete estimate today!

Box truck wrap / graphics

Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co
If your business owns a Box truck, you need some high-visibility Vehicle Graphics on it, or you're missing a big opportunity. Box truck graphics create a big, movable Billboard that will advertise your product or service all over Memphis. Park that Box truck in a parking lot and shoppers will see it rising above all the other vehicles. Drive it down the freeway and get thousands of views. Leave it in front of your house on the weekend and watch the calls come in. There's no better Advertising for local Memphis businesses than a Box truck wrap. Here at The Wrap Shop & Co, we have expertise all types of Box truck wrap and graphic installations and can help you with full Box truck graphics, partial Box truck wraps, some custom Box truck Lettering or Block letters, or some custom large Decal installations for box trucks. Whatever your brand, your Advertising budget, and your Box truck size, The Wrap Shop & Co will have you hooked up with the best Box truck wrap in Memphis!

Taillight / headlight tint

Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co
Tinting your headlights or taillights is an easy way to give your car, Pickup truck, or SUV a different look. A tinted Headlamp or taillight is subtle but definitive…people know that you're driving an "upgraded" vehicle that's not dealer stock. Here at The Wrap Shop & Co, we do a lot of headlight tinting and also a lot of taillight tinting. Popular favorites include black tint for a "smoked-out" headlight or taillight appearance, yellow tint, blue tint, or red tint. You can get our headlight / taillight tint as a standalone touch, or as the icing on the cake of an overall restyling package that could include a full color change Vehicle vinyl wrap, some carbon fiber wrap accents, or other car wrap touches. If you're going for a color change car wrap, we can customize the color of your headlight tint or taillight tint to complement the Vehicle vinyl wrap so that you end up with a stunning visual package that will turn heads all over Memphis!

Memphis fleet graphics

Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co
Fleet graphics or fleet wraps need to be done correctly. If you're branding an entire fleet of vans, pickup trucks, trailers, or other vehicles, you want to make sure that your Vehicle Graphics are spot on. The Wrap Shop & Co has a solid reputation as the leading Memphis fleet wraps shop. All of our fleet wraps and graphics are designed with your branding goals and to maximize getting attention (and calls) from all those people you're passing on the freeways and streets of Memphis. Regardless of the size of your company fleet, we can get you the best Memphis fleet graphics ever. Got a single Pickup truck for your mom 'n pop business? That's fine; we'll wrap it. Got 50 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans? We'll install gorgeous Vehicle Graphics on all 50. Got 7 Ford Transit vans? 3 compact cars for deliveries? Whatever the size and makeup of your business fleet, The Wrap Shop & Co is the Memphis Fleet vehicle wrap company to get your fleet wrapped right.
(901) 352 6389

Black vinyl car wrap

Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co
Matte black car wrap, satin black vinyl wrap, gloss black wrap, pearlescent black vehicle wrap: there are many variations on the black car wrap. Whatever the sheen or finish, black car wraps in their various forms remain popular and with good reason: all black everything goes good with…everything. Especially if you get a matching black chrome delete to black out your shiny vehicle trim. Especially, especially if you get a matching black Vehicle vinyl wrap WITH smoked out headlights and taillight tint. So, whether you want a matte black wrap on your Wrangler, a gloss black vinyl on your Jaguar, an eggshell black vehicle wrap on your Escalade, or a metallic black wrap on your Tesla, The Wrap Shop & Co is the #1 Memphis vinyl wrap company for car wraps including all sorts of black car wraps from The 3M Company and Avery Dennison. Call (901) 352 6389 today to get your black car wrap, truck wrap, SUV wrap, boat wrap, or van wrap on!

Memphis vehicle Signage

Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co
There are many ways to do Signage on vehicles, from a simple door decal or some spot graphics, to a full wrap of Vehicle Graphics to some vinyl Lettering. Here at The Wrap Shop & Co, we do all types of vehicle Signage on all types of vehicles. Box truck. Food truck. Pickup truck. Fishing boat. Catamaran. Speedboat. Sports car. Compact car. Ford Transit van. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. Double axle box trailer. Single axle trailer. Tractor-trailer / semi-truck. We do custom vinyl lettering, custom decals, custom printed Vehicle Graphics, cut letters, Logo decals, spot graphics, Window film, and many other types of Vehicle Graphics on them all. Speaking of Window film, you've probably seen those perf window graphics around Memphis. We do those. They have one-way visibility and turn your windows into Signage! So, as you can see, there are a million types of Vehicle signage. Which type is right for you and your company's budget? Call (901) 352 6389 for a free vehicle Signage consultation!

Memphis Food truck graphics

Memphis TN Vehicle vinyl wrap  - The Wrap Shop & Co
We address Food truck wraps and Food truck graphics separately from general vehicle Signage because Food truck wraps are an entire discipline unto themselves. It takes a special type of Vehicle Graphics shop to get the cuisine graphics, Lettering, Logo, and other graphic elements to all work together to really wow your customers. Food is such a sensory thing that dull or unappealing food truck graphics can have a huge detrimental impact to sales. On the flip side, appetizing, well-designed Food truck graphics can draw hungry crowds. Next time you're somewhere with multiple food trucks (convention, concert, festival, or maybe in a busy part of town), notice the dynamic of the haves and have nots. Almost inevitably, one or two food trucks will have long lines and the others will have short lines or no line at all. We're not going to attribute all of that differential to Vehicle Graphics, but they play a major role. So, choose carefully who you have do your Memphis food truck graphics!

White vinyl car wrap

Memphis car wraps  - The Wrap Shop & Co
Along with camo car wraps, matte black wraps, Nardo Grey car wraps, and gunmetal wraps, gloss white has got to be one of our most popular Memphis car wrap requests. We understand why: the gloss white 3M or Avery Dennison vinyl is super nice to clean, and it holds its gloss well. It also just looks sooo sleek and, well, glossy. But white car wraps don't have to be glossy: 3M and Avery Dennison make some gorgeous eggshell white wraps, pearlescent white Vehicle vinyl wraps, and other variations on the plain white vinyl wrap. We like them all. We've even done "2-tone" white car wraps with one type of white vinyl on certain parts and another type for accents. This 2-tone car wrap approach can result in some stunning aesthetics that makes people look…and look again. Eggshell hood and mirrors, pearlescent body. Gloss white body, a matte white Racing stripe. Gloss white wrap on everything with metallic flecked white bumpers. To explore what white car wrap is right for you, give us a call!

Memphis Wall decal

Memphis car wraps  - The Wrap Shop & Co
If you have a large blank wall in your place of business, it might be ideal for a Wall decal. Wall decals, or vinyl murals, can really make an otherwise boring space vibrant. You can also have them double as company Signage or Advertising. Think of it like this: A Wall decal could be all artistic with zero corporate messaging or branding, or it could be all branding & messaging with no artistry. Or, it could be an artistic expression that also supports a branded message. So, whether you want to install a work of art Mural in your workplace, highlight your company brand with a large Decal, or have a beautiful branded work of art on your boardroom wall, The Wrap Shop & Co is your source for any custom Wall decal of any size, design, or dimension. We can do a spot Decal on a small wall, or we can cover a huge wall with a massive vinyl Mural. We customize each vinyl Wall decal to your space, your vision, and your brand. To discuss vinyl decals, call (901) 352 6389 today and let's talk!

Memphis camo car wrap

Memphis car wraps  - The Wrap Shop & Co
Camo car wraps are all the rage, and for good reason: there are so many Camouflage patterns that it's easy to find one that fits your personality. From desert camo to woodland camo to snow camo (and a million variations of each) and even funky urban renditions of camo, the choices are vast. So, if you want a camo truck wrap, camo car wrap, camo SUV wrap, camo boat wrap, camo trailer wrap, or any other type of Camouflage wrap, call The Wrap Shop & Co at (901) 352 6389 today! We are the preeminent Memphis camo wrap company and install vinyl camo wraps from The 3M Company, Avery Dennison, and other top Vehicle vinyl wrap brands. We put the highest level of quality into each Camouflage car wrap we do, including into proper surface preparation, laying down the camo vinyl wrap material, using the squeegee for a flawless camo wrap finish, and all of the many other steps involved in getting an absolutely perfect camo vehicle wrap!
(901) 352 6389

Memphis perf Window film

Memphis car wraps  - The Wrap Shop & Co
Perforation, or perf Window film, is really, really cool with its one-way visibility. Here at The Wrap Shop & Co, we begin with a high-quality perf window film from The 3M Company, Avery Dennison, or another high-grade viny brand. We take your artwork and use our Large format printing capabilities to print your Vehicle Graphics onto the Window film. Finally, we install your per Window film onto your vehicle windows. From the inside, you can see out (which is good for safety reasons among other things) but from the outside people see your company branding and Advertising. Perf Window film is also great for storefronts, offices, Retail locations, and anywhere that has large expanses of glass and where quality Advertising would be helpful. So, whether you want Window film on a rear truck window, a delivery van, or your Retail space, give The Wrap Shop & Co a call at (901) 352 6389 to discuss window film pricing and options!

Memphis custom car wrap

Memphis car wraps  - The Wrap Shop & Co
If you want a vinyl car wrap that goes beyond the common, you might be looking for a custom car wrap from The Wrap Shop & Co. We're the leading Memphis custom car wrap shop for a reason: if you have a vision for your custom car wrap, we can find a way to bring that vision to reality! Whether your custom car wrap includes a color face, a color flip, holographic effects, metallic sheen, or customized Vehicle Graphics, we absolutely excel at producing custom vehicle wraps that delight our customers…and keep word of mouth referrals rolling in! So, whether you're looking for a specific flip chrome wrap effect for a Corvette, a speckled olive for your Jeep Rubicon, or a repeating geometric pattern for your Range Rover, The Wrap Shop & Co is where the custom car wrap magic happens! Call (901) 352 6389 and let's fantasize about what's possible…and then bring it into reality on your vehicle! We look forward to helping you with your very own Memphis custom vinyl wrap!

Memphis work van graphics

Memphis car wraps  - The Wrap Shop & Co
Vans are a great candidate for Vehicle Graphics because they tend to have large surface areas on the sides, which makes for terrific vehicle Signage. With the right van wrap, your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Ford Transit, Nissan, or other type of work van will be transformed into a mobile Billboard that will capture Memphis eyeballs and Memphis dollars for your business, product, or service. Studies show that Vehicle Graphics are an extraordinarily effective form of Advertising, and extremely cost-effective as well: wrap your van once and the Vehicle Graphis work for you 24/7/365 with no additional expense needed from you! Here at The Wrap Shop and Co, we're experts at all types of van graphics and van vinyl wraps on all types of work vans. Whether you have an entire fleet of work vans, a single van, or anything in between, let us help you get the best Memphis van wraps money can buy! Call (901) 352 6389 to begin your van wrap journey!

Contact The Wrap Shop & Co of Memphis, Tennessee!

About The Wrap Shop & Co

The Wrap Shop & Co works hard to earn and maintain our reputation as the top Memphis vinyl wrap company. Whether we're installing Vehicle Graphics on a fleet of company vehicles, doing a color change car wrap on a Jeep Wrangler, or doing a chrome delete on a Masarati, we put heart and soul into each and every Vehicle vinyl wrap. 

Quality of work is paramount when it comes to Vehicle vinyl wrap. That's why The Wrap Shop & Co uses only the finest high-grade vinyl car wrap products from manufacturers such as The 3M Company, Avery Dennison, and KPMF. Our Vehicle vinyl wrap technicians are highly skilled, and we take our time with each vehicle wrap project to make sure every aspect turns out perfect.

If you need a custom car Decal, we can design, print, and install Vehicle vinyl wrap decals of any size, dimension, and design. We can also outfit your vehicle with state-of-the art perforated Window film that has graphics for one-way visibility.

Whether you need a camo car wrap, chrome car wrap, custom Lettering, fleet graphics, or anything else related to wrapping vehicles, give The Wrap Shop & Co a call at (901) 352 6389 today and we'll take good care of you! We're The Wrap Shop & Co of Memphis, Tennessee, and we're excited to work with you!

The Wrap Shop & Co frequently asked questions

Can I put a logo on my car? 

Yes, you need to have your company Logo printed onto a vinyl Decal or Vehicle vinyl wrap and then installed according to the manufacturer instructions for that particular vinyl type. You could go with spot graphics for your Logo, or you could have your company Logo be part of a more comprehensive Vehicle Graphics package. Whatever your needs, if you're in Memphis, The Wrap Shop & Co can assist you with putting your Logo onto your car, truck, van, SUV, trailer, boat or other vehicle.

What is the best quality vinyl wrap? 

While many car wrap installers disagree over which Vehicle vinyl wrap product is the "absolute best," products by The 3M Company and Avery Dennison are almost always mentioned as top-tier products. Here at The Wrap Shop & Co, we certainly agree with this, which is why we use so much 3M and Avery car wrap! KPMF (Kay Premium Marketing Films) also makes some great products, which we offer as well.

Is wrapping a car hard?

Vehicle vinyl wrap requires a fairly high degree of patience and technical skill to install, which is why most reputable manufacturers are certified 3M installers, certified by Avery Dennison, or certified by whatever Vehicle vinyl wrap manufacturer they're using the products of.

Can I advertise my business on my car in Tennessee?

Sure, we don't see why you couldn't have company Signage on your Fleet vehicle or personal vehicle. As far as we know, there are no laws on the books prohibiting Vehicle Graphics in the state of Tennessee, but we're not lawyers. If you want to really be sure, consult an attorney. However, we know that thousands of Tennessee businesses have branded Vehicle Graphics, and we've never heard of a single one getting into trouble, so it seems highly unlikely that you're in any danger.

What type of stickers can go on cars? 

Don't go putting any old Sticker on your vehicle or you could seriously damage your Paint finish. If you want a sticker, Decal, or other type of Vehicle Graphics, be sure to use a Vehicle vinyl wrap product designed for such a purpose. And not just any old off-brand vinyl: you want reputable vinyl wrap brands such as The 3M Company, Avery Dennison, and the like. If you're in Memphis and you're considering a vehicle sticker or car Decal, feel free to call The Wrap Shop & Co for help with it! Our number is (901) 352 6389 and we live and breathe custom car decals!

Is it cheaper to wrap a car or paint it? 

A cheap paint job can potentially be cheaper than a car wrap, but you don't want a cheap paint job. Almost invariably, you can get a really nice car wrap for less money than a quality paint job. That being said, both car wraps and vehicle paint jobs come in a range of prices or styles, so shop around in your city and ask for references whichever way you go.

Is wrapping a car worth it? 

"Worth it" is a subjective value. Is it "worth it" to drive a Tesla that has a colorway unlike any other? Sure, if it matters to you to have a unique Tesla and you can afford the Tesla wrap job. Is it "worth it" to have custom carbon fiber accents on your truck? Sure, if it matters to you to drive the baddest Pickup truck on the road. Now, if you're talking about vehicle Signage (corporate Vehicle Graphics for advertising a company), then the answer is almost always "yes, it's worth it." Vehicle Graphics, or mobile Advertising, is an incredibly effective and cost-effective form of Advertising, especially for local businesses.
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