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One of the most common questions we get in regards to vehicle wraps is around how well it can hide dents and dings. Sadly, the answer most folks want to hear is a resounding YES! But the truth of the matter is a vehicle wrap will not be a good method to hide any dents or dings on your vehicle. In some instances it can work, it others it will do quite the opposite. Here is more.


Usually, a Vehicle Wrap is going to Highlight Any Dents.

With a tired, older vehicle, scratches dents and dings will be acceptable because the rest of the vehicle looks older. When you wrap a vehicle, and give it basically a brand new exterior, all the little dings are less ‘hidden’ with the entire look of the vehicle. That said, as we’ve mentioned above, if it’s only a couple spots it won’t be the end of the world. Like one of our wrap specialists so perfectly put it: if you’ve been driving it this long and it doesn’t bother you, wrapping it won’t change that.

That Said, a Vehicle Wrap Can Help Hide a Dent.

First off, yes a wrap will cover the dents. But it will not make those imperfections go away. This is because a wrap follows the contour of the vehicle. That said, if you have a single spot on your vehicle which has a couple small dents, we could mask the appearance of those dents with some smart design.

A wrap with a lot of busy elements (see picture below) will be able to create an illusion that helps mask the look of the dent. Another method is by using less glossy materials in the wrap itself. Matte vinyl and matte over-laminate will not reflect as much light; and it is the light reflection which highlights the dent’s contours. So less gloss will me less reflection coming from the dents.


Why a Vehicle Wrap Won’t Hide a Dent or Ding.

The material used in a vehicle wrap is going to be applied directly to the entire surface of your vehicle. It is a thin material which follows all the contours of your vehicle—including any dents or dings. So while it will be applied on top of the dent, it will not make it any less of a dent. It’s important to note, you want this to happen. This is because any vehicle wrap material which does not make direct contact can lead to issues of tearing, bubbling, and more.

Will a Wrap Cover any Scratches or Paint Chips?

Along the same lines as above, a vehicle wrap will follow the contours of any scratch on your vehicle. Small scratches will be shallow enough though that a new wrap will provide an obvious improvement to the look. Additionally, a vehicle wrap will be covering the scratch up so any potential future issues from rust will be completely solved. Along these lines though, any sharp edges (which could cut the vinyl) need to be repaired before a wrap is applied.


Get Any Imperfections Fixed Before Wrapping your Vehicle

Small dents in your vehicle can usually be popped out fairly easily. More difficult dents are also going to be the ones which are more visible before and after a wrap is applied. If you can, try and get as much of your vehicle fixed and repaired before wrapping it. That is, if these dents and things bother you.

Similarly, and share edges, rust spots, or chipping paint will definitely need to be repaired. A vehicle wrap applies directly to the exterior surfaces of a vehicle. If that surface is sharp it can rip the wrap. If that surface is peeling or flaking off, the wrap itself will have a tough time of staying adhered to the vehicle itself.

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