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This is Super Diamond 9000 by @ParadoxWraps and is currently imperfect in the finish of the material. Buy it at your own risk, but it sure looks hella cool! If you hate it that’s too bad Paradox does what Paradox wants for no ones pleasure but his own!

To check out the colors in 4k video up close visit my second Instagram account @ParadoxWraps or:

You can check on prices and place orders by DM @ParadoxWraps on Instagram or by email

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All orders require that you submit:
Product color code
Product name

Rolls come in 5X60 feet (18 meters) or larger. I can ship anywhere in the world. Free shipping in the US. All orders are PayPal guaranteed that you will receive your product. once you place your order I will send you a tracking number.

Paradox guarantees that this material is as good as any of the brands that I normally use on my channel! I would never recommend something to you that I have not tried myself or isn’t good. Stay tuned for more sick color demos and reviews from @ParadoxWraps vinyl in the future! Thank you all for supporting the channel and brand! Its because of you that I can make this happen! More colors will be uploaded very soon…

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