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Follow my boy @Mike Myke for more updates on this dope RX7 FD. Hes got tons of stuff planned for this build! Congrats to the two winners! Please DM me @ParadoxWraps on Instagram to claim your prize. Huge thanks once again to everyone who watches my videos and supporting the channel! 100K subs is just the beginning 200k, 500k, 1million here we come! THANK YOU to so many of you have bought wrap and used my videos to make your own rides look sick! I just put what I know out there, get some wrap, use my guides and practice, practice! We don't care what the haters say, develop your own technique, practice on your own car, and learn from your mistakes!

See video of all the wrap colors @paradoxwraps on Instagram and visit my website to order:

If you want me to wrap your car, DM me pics of it on Instagram @paradoxstyling , make an account if you don't have social media! I'm pretty bad with email.

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