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Graphic: Punisher Star Hood Decal –

Plastic Vinyl Squeegee (or something similar) –
Painters Tape (regular masking tape can be used also) –
Denatured Alcohol (Glass cleaner could be used as an alternative) –
Microfiber Towel (or paper towels) –
X-Acto Knife (or razor blade) –

Hey Happy Campers!!
Today’s Episode we are going to be installing a Vinyl Decal Sticker Graphic on the hood of a truck. This video is a courtesy to help any of our customers or youtube audience install a vinyl graphic like this. I really want to thank all of those out there that support Mile High Campers & Mile High Sticker Co. by purchasing our merch!! Be sure to check out our store if you have not (links are above), you can find the decal we are installing today as well as many other designs!! So I hope this helps with the installation, thanks again!!

Please Note: All tools & cleaners are just a suggestion, please feel free to use any tools/cleaners that you are comfortable using on your vehicle. This video is intended to show my own personal tips for installation, there are several methods of installation, this method may or may not be your preferred method, please do your own research before installation and do what you are comfortable with doing. If needed you can opt to pay a vinyl sign shop in your area to do the installation.

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