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A compilation of some amazing Chrome Wraps from Yiannimize over the last few years. Yes, Chrome Wrapping is more expensive than other more standard colours.

We wrap so many cars we thought it's time to release some compilation videos, every Friday.

Which was your favourite chrome colour?

All the cars in order:
01 Red Chrome Ford Focus »
02 Black Chrome Lamborghini Aventador »
03 Satin Chrome Red Rolls Royce Ghost »
04 Gold Chrome Range Rover Sport »
05 Blue Chrome Audi R8 »
06 Rose Gold Chrome Range Rover Sport SVR »
07 Chrome Gold Porsche Cayman »
08 Satin Chrome Silver Range Rover Sport »
09 Chrome Purple Lamborghini Aventador »
10 Chrome gold Lamborghini Aventador »
11 Chrome Black Aston Martin Vulcan »
12 Satin Chrome Yellow BMW i8 »
13 Chrome Rose Gold Lamborghini Aventador »
14 Chrome Gold BMW i8 »
15 Satin Chrome Blue Audi R8 »
16 Chrome Rose Gold Ferrari 458 Spider »
17 Chrome Blue Lamborghini Gallardo »
18 Chrome Rose Gold Mercedes C63 AMG »
19 Satin Chrome Blue Urban Range Rover Sport »
20 Satin Chrome Blue Urban Range Rover Sport SVR »
21 Satin Chrome Red Ferrari 599 GTO »
22 Silver Chrome Urban Range Rover Sport SVR »
23 Satin Chrome Red Porsche Panamera »
24 Satin Chrome Blue Ferrari 488 Spider »
25 Satin Chrome Gold Lamborghini Huracan »

What other Compilation videos would you like to see on the Channel?

Yiannimize »
Yianni »

Video length: 12:09
Category: Autos & Vehicles

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