Fleet graphics or fleet wraps need to be done correctly. If you’re branding an entire fleet of vans, pickup trucks, trailers, or other vehicles, you want to make sure that your Vehicle Graphics are spot on. The Wrap Shop & Co has a solid reputation as the leading Memphis fleet wraps shop. All of our fleet wraps and graphics are designed with your branding goals and to maximize getting attention (and calls) from all those people you’re passing on the freeways and streets of Memphis. Regardless of the size of your company fleet, we can get you the best Memphis fleet graphics ever. Got a single Pickup truck for your mom ‘n pop business? That’s fine; we’ll wrap it. Got 50 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans? We’ll install gorgeous Vehicle Graphics on all 50. Got 7 Ford Transit vans? 3 compact cars for deliveries? Whatever the size and makeup of your business fleet, The Wrap Shop & Co is the Memphis Fleet vehicle wrap company to get your fleet wrapped right.

Vehicle vinyl wrap, or car wrapping, is a painstaking process that requires a high degree of technical skill to do well. If done by qualified professionals, a good car wrap hugs your car like a skin, tightly bonded to your vehicle paint. Vehicle vinyl wrap is done with heat transfer vinyl from such manufacturers as The 3M Company or Avery Dennison, and lasts for years with proper care. A vehicle wrap protects the paint finish it while it’s on, and comes off cleanly, leaving your paint as good as the day you put the car wrap over it. The Wrap Shop & Co of Memphis, TN is the best Vehicle vinyl wrap installer in the Memphis metro and can assist with any type of color change car wrap or Vehicle vinyl wrap. Whether you want murder red, nardo gray, gloss white, snow camo, or ice blue car wrap (or hundreds of other of designer colors), we can pull off a spectacular car wrap that will make your car, Pickup truck, SUV, or van stand out on the streets, parking lots, and freeways of Memphis, TN!

If your business owns a Box truck, you need some high-visibility Vehicle Graphics on it, or you’re missing a big opportunity. Box truck graphics create a big, movable Billboard that will advertise your product or service all over Memphis. Park that Box truck in a parking lot and shoppers will see it rising above all the other vehicles. Drive it down the freeway and get thousands of views. Leave it in front of your house on the weekend and watch the calls come in. There’s no better advertising for local Memphis businesses than a Box truck wrap. Here at The Wrap Shop & Co, we have expertise in all types of Box truck wrap and graphic installations and can help you with full Box truck graphics, partial Box truck wraps, some custom Box truck Lettering or Block letters, or some custom large Decal installations for box trucks. Whatever your brand, your advertising budget, and your Box truck size, The Wrap Shop & Co will have you hooked up with the best Box truck wrap in Memphis!




Tinting your headlights or taillights is an easy way to give your car, Pickup truck, or SUV a different look. A tinted Headlamp or taillight is subtle but definitive…people know that you’re driving an “upgraded” vehicle that’s not dealer stock. Here at The Wrap Shop & Co, we do a lot of headlight tinting and also a lot of taillight tinting. Popular favorites include black tint for a “smoked-out” headlight or taillight appearance, yellow tint, blue tint, or red tint. You can get our headlight / taillight tint as a standalone touch, or as the icing on the cake of an overall restyling package that could include a full color change Vehicle vinyl wrap, some carbon fiber wrap accents, or other car wrap touches. If you’re going for a color change car wrap, we can customize the color of your headlight tint or taillight tint to complement the Vehicle vinyl wrap so that you end up with a stunning visual package that will turn heads all over Memphis!

Put some really nice Vehicle Graphics on a Bus, and it makes a terrific mobile Billboard! If you want your company or organization to get noticed on the freeways, streets, parking lots, and thoroughfares of Memphis, TN, then there’s no better way than to have your product, service, brand, and message plastered across a Memphis bus! Whether you own your own Bus or are renting advertising space on a municipal Memphis city bus, The Wrap Shop & Co is the top Memphis bus wrap company for bus wraps, bus decals, bus Lettering, printed perf window film on bus windows, and any type of bus graphics! We wrap buses of all sizes, from transport buses to school buses to tour buses and double-decker buses. Whatever the size or style of bus, and whatever your bus wrap vision, let The Wrap Shop & Co help you create the most amazing Bus wrap or Bus graphics anywhere in Memphis, TN! Call (901) 352 6389 for a free Bus wrap or bus graphics consultation!
If you have a large blank wall in your place of business, it might be ideal for a Wall decal. Wall decals, or vinyl murals, can really make an otherwise boring space vibrant. You can also have them double as company Signage or Advertising. Think of it like this: A Wall decal could be all artistic with zero corporate messaging or branding, or it could be all branding & messaging with no artistry. Or, it could be an artistic expression that also supports a branded message. So, whether you want to install a work of art Mural in your workplace, highlight your company brand with a large Decal, or have a beautiful branded work of art on your boardroom wall, The Wrap Shop & Co is your source for any custom Wall decal of any size, design, or dimension. We can do a spot Decal on a small wall, or we can cover a huge wall with a massive vinyl Mural. We customize each vinyl Wall decal to your space, your vision, and your brand. To discuss vinyl decals.