How To Design A Vehicle Wrap in Illustrator

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This video is a tutorial, a detailed walkthrough for creating a Vehicle Wrap Project in Adobe Illustrator CC. I’ve simplified it for ease of use. The focus here is on the Pen tool, and using the Pathfinder to properly create the vehicle outline. From the outline, you can easily create the clipping mask that becomes the completed wrap design.

File for creating the Vehicle Wrap are located here:

Here’s the video for setting up the Vehicle Wrap Design File:

This is another lesson in my course "Fundamentals of Industrial Design Software" taught at University of Idaho in Idaho Falls. In the course we cover the basics of Adobe Illustrator CC, Revision 2015, for designers, artists, and illustrators in the various areas of industrial design. The objective of the course is to help beginners and those with little experience with Adobe Illustrator CC become more familiar with the tools and their use in order to improve their current work, and/or move into positions that demand more Illustrator expertise.

If you are interested in taking this course, please contact University of Idaho in Idaho Falls.

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